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11 July 2011 @ 12:05 am
I'm... ALIVE!!!! *A*

To everyone who's been on my profile & wondering where the HECK I went: 
I'm really sorry. :'< College has definitely kept me busy. @__@ ! But I'll try to come back & post lovely InuxKag icons/posters/drawings! >_<b ! I just finally declared my major to art ( yay! ) & I'm getting an apartment closer to campus so, the next coming up school year is going to be a bit difficult & squished - but I'll try to make time to come on here. :')

The mood theme stuff:
I'm really sorry that I've given you guys a teaser & it lead to nothing! xO That must've been soooo cruel of me. :'< ! I'll try to get that mood theme fixed as soon as I have time! :')
One of the reason I came back:
One word: Tumblr! :O ! I saw that a tumblr user ( higurashikagome ) had posted one of my works on their tumblr page & I could'nt believe a few people were still looking at my work on livejournal! :') 

So! I want to thank everyone who still dropped by to leave a sweet comment on my posts/works. :') It really does motivate me to do better, especially when the art field is very competitive. <3 I'll try my best to post more Inuyasha X Kagome & fix that mood theme! :D

Menaii :)

My tumblr page: menaii.tumblr.com -- it consists of ramblings & some tutorials you guys should definitely check out! :D

* OMG - EPIC FAIL: I spelled my link name wrong on the image above. -__-""" Sorry guys, it's really menaii.livejournal.com
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24 August 2009 @ 05:20 pm
& So, I've spent my time making my first own Mood theme! :D! It took me forever to do this, but I'm glad I finished it. *Nods*! I believe I felt very... rushed to do this mood theme so I'm not exactly satisfied with some of the mood theme choices but *shrugs*! Whatever, I improvised. :] & you bet I found a lot of choices for 'horny', 'naughty', 'loved', & 'flirty'. ;]

Theme: Inu & Kag Doujinshi by Sakurakan Mood Theme

Content | Enraged | Loved | Touched | FULL PREVIEW :)

I LOVE Inuyasha's facial expressions! xD! He brings out so much comical expressions, it's hilarious. :) Kagome was a much more harder person, but she survived. x)

I really tried to make some of the scans a bit darker so that we could see them but the lighting on my laptop made things quite difficult. :( ! If I could change some things about this mood theme, I would make borders. :/

Please view & comment. :3

Doujinshi scans/credits fully belong to Urd-Chan. Find the source in my Resource & Credits post.
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31 July 2009 @ 10:18 pm
I haven't been in here for a while... and the motivation to come back is from... whoknoez!!! xD! & so, now that the mighty awesome whoknoez have updated the wonderful & delicious "Not Quite a Romance Novel", I have gain the motivation to do... another visual for whoknoez!


& The inspiration began here:

LOL! --- I'm serious. :|

I hope you can tell that they're doing the same pose as the one below. :]
Maybe... this is the future of what's to come of the final final FINAL draft? :/

Then the real deal...

"See you at the next party...?"

AH, yes --- another draft; maybe a 'work in progress'? :S As you can see, the drawing still needs to be finished:
1.) Kagome's pathetic hand ( PWAHAHA! )
2.) Inuyasha's lower body obviously needs to be... over with. *A*
3.) & the anatomy with Inuyasha's body is a little bit... OFF. TAT
4.) Lineart, clean up, etc.
5.) & finally, maybe get it colored? :S

Based on CHAPTER 4 ~ 5ish: I loved the "Nunya" scene where Kagome is dressed in her smexy black cocktail dress & Inuyasha in his... well, IDK - I just drew him like that. Got his outfit from the inspiration from my icons that I made:

From this post.

From this post.

OOOOhh man - Human Inuyasha is just soooo hott! :3! And yes - I know Inuyasha's hair is supposed to be pulled back in a tie... but I just LOVE his long & beautiful hair. ♥

Well anyways, I gotta show this to the awesome whoknoez now. :3
I'll be back to update... with whatever I end up doing with this. :S
( IDK, I"m kinda lazy now. LOL )

-- ♥ menaii

*P.S ;
Attention to Inuyasha in 'Not Quite a Romance Novel': INUYASHA, I KNOW YOU WANNA DRY HUMP KAGOME! ♥ She looks goooood. P: Pwahahaha!
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28 May 2009 @ 07:32 pm

Because I was bored.

Oh snaps, I'm Asian. :]

I was bored - hence, I drew on myself with tablet. Pwahahaha x]

Btw - finals are coming up. :T I'm gonna be stacked with papers and studying time. @___@
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25 February 2009 @ 05:16 pm
Okay, this was a quick fanart I did for whoknoez ( http://www.fanfiction.net/u/505489/whoknoez ) for "Not Quite a Romance Novel". :D! It's fricken hilarious and awesome. :3! You guys should definitely read it. :]!

“Hey there, cutie.” Some guy sidled up next to me, grinning. Was this my chance to redeem myself?

“Hi,” I said cautiously.

“Here, have a drink,” he said, handing me a red cup. “You look hot.”

“Ah, yeah. I am pretty warm.” But I remembered I was the designated driver. “What is this?”

“Lemonade,” he said, grinning.

“Oh, I see. Thanks,” I said, smiling back at him. I was about to drink it when my wandering eyes landed on a familiar figure. The black-haired jerk that had told me to come to this specific party. He was against the wall, one foot propped against it. He would have looked cool, but a girl was standing in between his legs, making out with him. The cup paused on the way to my lips, and I watched them curiously. There was a gripping sensation in my belly, and my heart felt like it was being pricked. I don’t think I liked the sensation.

“Ah, you know that guy?” the guy standing next to me asked, bringing me out of my daze.

“Oh, yeah. He’s a classmate,” I said, smiling at him. “What’s your name?” I asked, still holding the cup.

“My name’s Genji.” He grinned. “Wanna dance?”

I smiled back at him. “Maybe a little later. I’m still tired. I’ll drink this lemonade first, okay?” I took a few gulps, and frowned. “It tastes funny.”

His grin seemed to turn a little more malicious, but I thought it was my imagination.

How wrong I was.

End of chapter 2! :3!

YEEEEAAHH - I couldn't draw Inuyasha making out with another girl. I just couldn't. TAT! So instead, I made him work out his "moves" and "skills" on the anonymous girl and make Kagome be: "Oh that jerk!". :]!

Oh yes, at the bottom - if you don't get what the three lemons means... it's like saying "JACKPOT!" If I'm wrong - ooooh snaps, I don't gamble. :S!

But yes, a bit sloppy - I know. :/! But I hope this will motivate whoknoez to update. :3

Okay, I'm hungry.
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22 February 2009 @ 06:26 pm
GOODNESS! Haven't been on the internet for such a long time. :/

But, I spent my time scanning my sketches and fanart! :D!

This is for Simonkal of Inuy! "Heart's Landfill" Chapter 46 fanart! :3

This is Inuyasha's dream where he meets a kimono-dressed Kagome, youkai version of himself, and Kikyou in her wedding dress. :3!

EDIT: GYAH! I can't review on ff.net! @___@! Hm... Well, Simonkal of Inuy - I hope you enjoy this one ( even though it's so.... chibi-ish ). :3!

Why are they closing their eyes? Well, it's my style. :3!

This is explained in this post... right here!!! :D!

Onward to the Sketches :] ♥Collapse )

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06 February 2009 @ 05:32 pm

Random Drawing of The Day:

"I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!" - Peter Pan :]!

I wanted to go with both 1) unnatural and 2) natural. Thus - 'tis piece. :3!

1. Unnatural? The girl with a strangely normal long neck and tiny fingers... Or a huge head. Whichever you prefer. :]!
2. Natural? The random fairy with sparkles *A*

While I was drawing this picture, the girl's characteristics' and personality came through to me. O___O! Oh dear, I'm talking to a computer [ now I'm really sick! ].

*Ahem* Anywho, my 5 minute random drawn girl:
- Her name is Charlene Charlotte Charlotta Carpenter Jones... Jefferson [ That's it, I swear! ]
- She is 16 years old. Why 16? She's at that special daydreaming age [ you know what I'm talking about ♥ ]. x3
- She lives in the 19th century [ or somewhere really old :S ].
- She is always overpowered by her mother and higher-class rules, and she's rich, rich, rich. [ She likes to give me moo-lah. ] xD
- She's a pretty cheerful child [ except she's leading a life she doesn't want to live - hence, she looks sad ] and she sees fairies [ but nobody believes her - not even me (j/k) ].
- I think she wants to be... a writer. *Nod*! 8]

BLEAH - random note end. :]!

Have a nice weekend!
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05 February 2009 @ 10:32 pm
Stayed home sick again. 8|! And so, I spent my time sleeping, sleeping, and oh - sleeping. O___O! But once I woke up at 11 AM, I go straight to my computer and feel all giddy. :]! So, I was cruising down my fav-list of fanfiction stories...

And I start reading "Heart's Landfill" by Simonkal Of Inuy again. xD!

I was running through soooo many warm-felt, squishing moments and I suddenly became *deadly sick* to "OOOOH!" - *hugs*! I just love that fanfic! Hence, I've got into the mood of drawing ( since I got my new super coolish awesome tablet AND I was listening to "Pretty Young Thing" by Michael Jackson LMAO ) and drew my very, very, very FIRST Inuyasha fanart!!! :D! Of course, I drew plenty of sketches in my sketch book but, I've never really put them on display - they just hide in my cobweb corner. :]!

Another note: *Ahem*! HAPPY EARLY VALENTINE'S DAY, SIMONKAL OF INUY!!! You always make your absolutely beautiful writing and every wonderful update feel like Valentine's day. Its always very heart-warming [ and sometimes drama-filled. Ex: KOUGA. *Shivers*! ]. :3! And so, you have the honor of having my very first fanart drawn. *A*!

This scene is from the latest chapter updated: CH45 "A Flicker of Hope"!

CHAPTER 45: "'Is it really that bad?' Kagome quipped, her hands balanced on hips.

Glancing up at her, Inuyasha smirked as he took in the loose ponytail she wore, and the way his sweatshirt that she had on seemed to swallow her. Reaching out and grabbing her, the hanyou retorted huskily, 'If it was, it sure isn’t now.'

1. Kag's hands are supposed to be on her hips but... I was too lazy & sick. :/ [ what a pathetic excuse xD ]
2. I know Inuyasha's supposed to extend his hand and grab her but... [ insert pathetic excuse here ]. TAT
3. I didn't know what color Inuyasha's sweater that Kagome was wearing. I assumed... red?
4. I seriously didn't know what to do with Inuyasha's eyes. O___O! So, I just gave them plain yellow - didn't know how to give them gold//amber. TTATT!
5. Kagome's collar... is way too wide. But it is Inuyasha's sweater! ... Okay, Okay - fine. I just wanted to make her look... innocent. ( Gah! Pervert! ) =*A*=!

BAAAH - I know, I know; pretty sloppy. :S! And HOLY SMUCK!!! It took me FOREVER to write down my name, the title, EVERYTHING! @____@! Gagh - and Inuyasha looks so plain. :/! GAAAAH - oh well. :]!

Hm. I hope Simonkal of Inuy likes this ( even though it's horribly sloppy ). x]

Hm. I think I'll go to sleep now. :3
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02 February 2009 @ 06:54 pm
And so. I've finally got a 'Bamboo Fun' Tablet.

Yeeeeess! xD!

And the results? I'm trying to get used to it. It takes a while to adjust to the functions and the movements. :]!

Heck yeah, I do more than just icons! xD!

This could've been better. But I got lazy x3 *Nods*

Estimated Time: 5 minutes ( b/c of coloring-fun xD ) Hm. Yeah, I know her shoulder's a bit broken. Oops. :S

It's pretty freakin' amazing. Although, I don't really use the new free softwares it's given me very much. HEH HEH /:3! Still stuck with lil ol' pal, Adobe Photoshop CS2. x]
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29 December 2008 @ 12:58 am
Heard of the song "I Kissed A Boy" by Cobra Starship?

It's really interesting. :]!

Anyway, I've made icons again ( no surprise ). :D


I kissed a boy - just to start sh!t ♥Collapse )

Toodles :]
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